Point of View Assembly
Grades 6-12
Point of View

Student-Development Assembly
on Seeing Others Eye to Eye

Everyone has a unique point of view; everyone’s got a one-of-a-kind way of looking at life. The problem is, often our point of view can create problems in our relationships with others.

Camfel Productions' POINT OF VIEW will challenge your students to move towards their goals despite life circumstances or the negative opinions of others. They will understand that having opposing viewpoints is normal and that taking the time to listen and understand the point of view of others, will always be better than simply demanding our own way.

POINT OF VIEW will encourage your students to embrace their unique differences and viewpoints, and to recognize and value those differences in others.

To learn more about this exciting character-building resource, just head on over to our assembly website (camfel.com) using the link below!

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Point of View
Point of View Character Package

To further inhance the impact of the assembly, we offer additional follow-up and promotional materials. These materials can be ordered together or seperately. If you are not interested in the whole package, individual items can be ordered here!

Items included in package: 5'x2' Banner, A 4-Segment Follow-up Discussion DVD, Two 18"x24" Point of View posters, 7"x2" Point of View Bookmarks (600 pcs.), and the Point of View 30-Lesson program

Point of View character package
WC462 Point of View - Complete Character Package
  Individual Items:
WC465 Point of View posters (2-poster set)
WC463 Point of View - "perception" poster
WC464 Point of View - "common ground" poster
WC467 Positive POV - Discussion Video
WC466 Point of View banner
WC469 Point of View - 30-Lesson Program
WC447 Point of View bookmarks (100 pack)