Go Viral Assembly
Grades 6-12
go viral

Student-Development Assembly
on Making Real Connections

Our brains seem to be hardwired to desire connection with others. Social media makes those connections easier than ever before and provides many ways to connect with people. However, research indicates that despite all the advances in technology, people today feel less connected than 30 years ago.

We attempt to connect with others by seeking digital pats on the back. We work hard to expand our list of friends in various social media platforms believing that this will help us feel connected, important, wanted and accepted. Unfortunately, after doing all theis work, too many end up feeling more isolated. Some cope with this pain of isolation by resorting to smoking, vaping, drugs or alcohol. Others are motivated to bully and criticize others in their attempts to feel better about themselves.

GO VIRAL will encourage students to make real connections. They'll be challenged think about what they post online and to consider how their words and actions are affecting & influencing others.

GO VIRAL will motivate students to build authentic relationships. They will be inspired to improve themselves and to look for the value in others. They'll begin to establish an identity that others will look up to and work to become a role model for others to follow.

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Go Viral Character Package

To further enhance the impact of the assembly, we offer additional follow-up and promotional materials. These materials can be ordered together or separately. If you are not interested in the whole package, individual items can be ordered here!

Items included in package: 5'x2' Banner, A 4-Segment Follow-up Discussion DVD, Two 18"x24" posters, 7"x2" bookmarks (600 pcs.), and the Go Viral 30-Lesson program

go viral package
WC502 Go Viral - Complete Character Package
  Individual Items:
WC505 Go Viral posters (2-poster set)
WC503 Go Viral - "take the time" poster
WC504 Go Viral - "be present" poster
WC506 Get Connected - Discussion Video
WC507 Go Viral banner
WC509 Go Viral - 30-Lesson Program
WC508 Go Viral bookmarks (100 pack)