It's My Life Assembly
Grades 6-12
It's My Life

Student-Development Assembly
on Personal Responsibility

From the moment we are born, we're told what to do, how to act, what's appropriate to wear, even what is healthy to eat. But as we grow up, we begin to feel the need to make our own decisions; we desire to choose what is right for us - after all, IT'S MY LIFE.

Camfel Productions' IT'S MY LIFE is a thought-provoking three-screen school assembly program that focuses on the desire for control, our quest for independence, and the power to choose what we feel is best for our lives. Students will learn that the power to choose requires a heavy dose of personal responsibility, and that making the responsible choice isn't always easy - that often the fun choices are in direct conflict with the responsible choices.

There is a lot of pressure out there to make poor choices that will hand us consequences we may not like. Bullying, drugs, alcohol, and smoking are just a few of the irresponsible choices we will be tempted with along the way. By learning how to manage our time correctly, and by discovering and pursuing the skills we dnjoy, we can avoid those pressures that hold us back from moving forward with our lives. With practice, we can develop the skills necessary to make the right choices and act responsibly when facing difficult situations.

IT'S MY LIFE is a motivational school assembly that will challenge your students to make positive choices for themselves, while they demonstrate respect for those around them.

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It's My Life Character Package

To further enhance the impact of the assembly, we offer additional follow-up and promotional materials. These materials can be ordered together or separately. If you are not interested in the whole package, individual items can be ordered here!

Items included in package: 5'x2' Banner, A 4-Segment Follow-up Discussion DVD, Two 18"x24" Responsibility posters, 7"x2" It's My Life Bookmarks (600 pcs.), and the It's My Life 30-Lesson program

It's My Life package
WC482 It's My Life - Complete Character Package
  Individual Items:
WC485 It's My Life posters (2-poster set)
WC483 Responsibility - "this is my life" poster
WC484 Responsibility - "it's up to me" poster
WC487 It's My Future - Discussion Video
WC486 It's My Life banner
WC489 It's My Life - 30-Lesson Program
WC488 It's My Life bookmarks (100 pack)