Count On Me Elementary Assembly
Grades K-5
Count On Me

An Interactive Character-Building Assembly on Responsibility

COUNT ON ME is an engaging three-screen school assembly. The program will motivate your students to make responsible choices. Students will be challenged to stop making excuses or blaming others for their mistakes. Students will be encouraged to take responsibility for their actions, consider others and keep their promises.

The program focuses on what it takes to be someone others can rely on. Those we can trust, follow through on what they say and do. We can count on those who demonstrate responsibility by doing their chores on time, getting their homework done, and being there for us. We want those around us who we can count on to help us through a difficult time and those who will stand with us when we see or encounter a bullying situation.

There is a lot of pressure out there to make poor choices. Bullying, playing games, or not listening in class are a few of the distractions that your students will be tempted with along the way. Learning how to manage these pressures, their time, and developing responsible decision making skills can be challenging. But they can, with practice, develop and begin making the right choices and act responsibly when facing a difficult situation.

COUNT ON ME is an incredibly powerful motivational school assembly challenging your students to make positive choices for themselves, while demonstrating respect for those around them.

To learn more about this exciting character-building resource, just head on over to our assembly website ( using the link below!

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There are two age-appropriate, elementary
versions of COUNT ON ME:
a K-2nd Grade version and a 3rd-5th Grade version.

Please contact us to see how we can impact your school!

Count On Me - Elementary Character Package

To further enhance the impact of the assembly, we offer additional follow-up and promotional materials. These materials can be ordered together or separately. If you are not interested in the whole package, individual items can be ordered here!

Items included in package: 5'x2' Banner, 600 7"x2" Bookmarks, It's Up To Me Follow-up Discussion Video, and two 24"x18" posters.

Count On Me package
WC493 Count On Me - Complete Character Package
  Individual Items:

Count On Me - "be a good friend" poster

WC495 Count On Me - "best at school" poster
WC496 Count On Me - 2 Poster Set
WC497 Count On Me - bookmark (100 pcs.)
WC498 It's Up To Me - Follow-up Discussion DVD
WC499 Count On Me - banner